What We Do


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PiP activities and areas of intervention

Years of experience researching and working with partnerships have shown that they are difficult to maintain, struggle to adapt to changing contexts, and often fail to reach their potential. PiP provides a wide range of advisory services supporting the formation, running and maintenance, review and transformation of partnerships. We help build stronger relationships between partners through the application of our tried and tested tools and approaches (e.g. contextual analysis, organisational development, partnership brokering and governance design, partnership assessment). This support challenges practitioners to think through partnership design and implementation processes to maximise effectiveness through clearer communication, stronger accountability and an emphasis on mutual learning.


Working in multi-sector partnership remains a relatively novel experience in many countries. Many partnership issues, either specific to the WASH or IWRM sectors or more generic, need to be analysed to further craft and provide guidance on the practical art and science of partnering. Working with partnership practitioners on the ground, PiP focuses on research themes that inform partnership process more generally as well as those with specific relevance to the WASH and IWRM sectors, such as: pro-poor regulation; community engagement; WASH service delivery approaches; engagement of non-traditional actors in WASH partnerships. Emerging learning is documented through printed (grey literature and scientific papers) and online publications.

Training – capacity building

WASH and IWRM practitioners routinely discuss and analyse the programmatic content of their partnerships, but have far fewer occasions for structured exchange and learning on how to effectively develop, run and transform the partnership arrangement itself. In response to a rising demand for this type of support, PiP provides tailored and more generic learning events for individuals and organisations across the WASH and IWRM sectors. We share and facilitate learning around partnerships and promote dialogue and networking (through training courses, workshops, discussion days, etc.).


Facilitating relationships between multi-sector, multi-stakeholder actors forms part of the hands-on support, which we provide to specific partnership arrangements in order to help them reach their potential. PiP provides a wide range of facilitation services that are tailor made for individual circumstances. This could include facilitation for large groups at operational or strategic levels, or support to the design of events for organisations and/or partnerships. PiP has developed and delivered workshops for problem solving and conflict resolution, team building exercises, or blue-sky thinking.


We are known for honestly reflecting the challenges of partnering and keeping a constructive attitude towards their analysis and resolution. We strive to develop neutral and objective cutting edge thinking and offer both tested-and-proven as well as innovative solutions to partnership and institutional issues.