Here are some of the publications and videos we’ve been working on recently.

On WASH in Schools

A two-pronged self-funded research project on WASH in Schools led by BPD Water and Sanitation/PiP and Masters students from PSIA Sciences-Po Paris. Both papers should trigger useful reflections and may well influence how WASH in schools partnerships are formed and managed and how private sector actors are engaged in this endeavour.

Part 1: WASH in Schools  – Understanding Multi-Sector Partnership Approaches: an Exploratory Review

This paper presents an attempt towards developing a typology of WinS partnerships, which shall help practitioners step back from programme implementation to assess key characteristics of their partnerships, improve their design and enhance the sustainability of their interventions. This first exploratory review provides a description and analysis of the WinS partnerships involving NGO partners and directly implementing activities on the ground. It provides insights into the institutional and programmatic trends characterizing the historical evolutions of these partnerships, assesses their common strengths and reviews the challenges they face during implementation, notably in terms of partnership dynamics.

WASH in Schools – Understanding Multi-Sector Partnerships Approaches – an Exploratory Review

Part 2: Engaging Private Sector Actors in WASH in Schools Work

This paper represents the first formal attempt to analyse the engagement of private sector actors in WinS multi-sector partnerships. The study focuses on international and domestic private companies and their foundations. It examines these partners, reveals their incentives to join WinS multi-sector partnerships, uncovers trends and patterns in their contributions, and the benefits they derive from such partnerships. The paper underlines the need to diversify the contributions made by private partners to foster more sustainable programmes. It argues for an engagement based on strategic CSR rather than philanthropic incentives.

WASH in Schools – Engaging private sector actors in WinS work

A novel approach to enhance the sustainability of WinS interventions – Interschool-competition 2.0

An innovative concept Partnerships in Practice recently developed, which should hopefully be of interest to people busy reflecting upon novel approaches to enhance the sustainability of WinS interventions. It stems from thought-provoking conversations with David Schaub Jones from See-Saw, and has been refined through conversations with WinS stakeholder from LAC, Africa and South-Asia

A beautiful presentation with a fabulous soundtrack and valuable ideas…The introduction goes as follows:

“Integration of WASH-Health-Nutrition-Education efforts raises new hopes. Yet how to make it happen successfully in school-based programmes remains unclear. The novel approach presented here suggests a practical way to achieve this objective. It builds upon existing practices and addresses the most fundamental challenges experienced by practitioners on the ground: a lack of effective incentive and monitoring mechanisms to boost stakeholders’ accountability. The approach, presented here in a relatively generic fashion and with greater emphasis put on WASH (water sanitation & hygiene), can be tailored to different context and objectives.”